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07 May 2012

About WindJet

Windjet is an Italian airline flying international routes within Europe and to Russia.

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WindJet Pet Policy 2018

The carrier accepts to transport small pets like cats, dogs and ferrets in the passenger cabin. For any other species of animals passengers shall contact the Call Centre in advance to get a written authorization. A maximum of two animals per cabin will be accepted with a rate of EUR 30.00 for national flights and EUR 40.00 for international flights. Possible requests for animal transport in the passenger cabin shall be submitted upon ticket purchase, subject to place availability in the cabin and provided that all the conditions detailed below are met.

The weight of the animal and the cage must not exceed 10 kg. The carrier accepts only one cage per passenger. Passengers are responsible for placing their animals in a strong and safe cage. The cage shall have a completely waterproof bottom and an opening that allows correct ventilation but prevents the animal from escaping or exposing. Furthermore the animal shall not give forth a bad smell and shall stay exclusively in the cage. The cage shall be suitable for the animal: it must be free to move, sit and lie down in the cage. The carrier reserves the right to deny animal transport if the criteria above are not met. The carrier further denies any and all responsibility for possible inconsistency with the laws of the landing country. The cage shall not exceed the following size: length: 48 cm; width: 33 cm; height: 29 cm. A maximum of 5 animals of the same species may be carried in the same cage; in this case, the weight of the animals and the cage shall not exceed 10 kg.

The health certificate of the veterinary indicating all the vaccinations shall be shown; for international flights, the European Passport for pets shall be shown too.
The transport has to be allowed by the laws of the Country and/or by airport regulations, and/or no restrictions shall exist, even concerning the lack of authorisation at the stopover airports where the aircraft lands or from which it takes off. No animal will be allowed in the hold. No rodents will be allowed.

The carrier reserves the right to deny animal transport if the criteria above are not met. Without prejudice of the following provisions, the passengers authorized to transport a small pet in cabin are compelled to keep the animal in the cage during the whole flight and to the carrying out of all the relevant operations. In order to check that onboard the aircraft there is enough room for the transport of objects and animals, passengers shall contact the Call Centre in due time before the departure.

In case of failure to do so, the acceptance of such objects and animals could not be guaranteed during check-in operations. The applicable rates for luggage transport shall be paid when they are checked during check-in operations. The applicable rates for animal transport shall be paid when purchasing the ticket.

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