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07 May 2012

About Air One

Air One is a member of Alitalia's network, flying to Italy, Europe, and North America.

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Air One Pet Policy 2018

Do you want to enjoy the company of your cat, dog or pet canary even on holiday? Air One also welcomes your pets onboard its aircraft! Here is all that you need to know when your pets are travelling with you.

Dogs and cats
When travelling within EU countries, dogs and cats must have:
A passport issued by a veterinary showing the list of vaccinations your pet has undergone and state state of health

A clearly readable number tattooed or an identification chip implanted (transponder)

Please, remember that:

Puppies under 3 months cannot travel within EU countries as they have not received any the anti-rabies vaccine

To be allowed into Sweden, animals will have to undergo anti-parasitical treatments against echinococcus and ticks

Within the United Kingdom and Ireland pets cannot be transported neither onboard the aircraft, or in the aircraft cargo hold or as goods

In some countries there are bans and restrictions to the introduction of some species

In order to prevent the spread of Avian Flu, EU authorities and the Ministry of health have strictly forbidden the transportation of birds from Asian countries, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Romania and Balkan states. Pets allowed on board: dog, cat, ferret, hamster, birds other than parrots and rabbits.

In cabin
Transportation of a pets is subject to the payment of a supplementary fee for a max. weight up to 10 kg including kennel and food.

Pet transportation in the aircraft is accepted provided that specific conditions are fulfilled:

Your pet will have to remain inside the kennel all throughout the trip. The kennel cannot exceed the following dimensions:
Length 40 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 24 cm

The kennel must be comfortable and allow your pet to turn around and lie down. It must be well aerated, water-proof and resistant

Up to 5 animals of same species can be transported in the kennel as long as the total weight - including kennel and food - does not exceed 10 kg

The food/or beverages containers must be lockable to prevent accidental spillage of their content

If you do not have a kennel, all necessary information about the availability of kennels at your departure airport is available. At some airports you will be able to buy one of the two models made available for you by Air One: one is designed for pet transportation in the aircraft cabin, the other model is intended for transport in the aircraft hold

Unless all the above conditions are met or if your pet behaviour disturbs other passengers, the Captain has the authority to order the transfer of your pet to the aircraft hold

Due to space constraints on some fleet aircrafts, transport of pets in cabin may not be available. We suggest you to contact Air One Call Center in advance, calling on 892 444.

Check-in deadline for passengers travelling with pets
Passengers travelling with pets to be transported in the aircraft hold have a time limit deadline of 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time of their flight.

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