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Swiss European Airlines Pet Policy 2018

With SWISS, you can take your pet along on all routes. Right next to you in the cabin or under cabin conditions in the cargo section of the aircraft. Enjoy your flight together with your best friend.

A specific fee is usually charged in return for the transport of an animal. For fees for transport of an animal in cabin or in the cargo section, please refer to the respective section below.

The general terms and conditions of transport issued by the aviation transport leader affiliated to the IATA make no exception to the above rules. It follows that, although animals taken into the cabin are deemed hand baggage, you will still be charged a fee for their transportation, this regardless of how much other baggage you take with you.

Animal transport by air is subject to laws and regulations that differ substantially from country to country. Present all the original documents required for the transport (import, export and transit papers, health and vaccination certificates) and book the transport of your pet with SWISS in advance. If the animal has not had the required vaccinations, then the owner is responsible for the return flights both of the animal and the owner.

Transport in cabin:
The following pets are allowed in the cabin
Dogs and cats
Animals with protection or assistance functions, e.g. guide dogs for persons with impaired vision.

Prerequisites for transport in the cabin
Pet pack: your pet is kept in a clean, escape-proof, scratch-proof, soft-sided pack. (Length + width + height = max. 118 cm)
The pet has enough room in the pet pack. It is not allowed to move about freely on board.
The pet pack must remain stowed away under your seat for the duration of the entire flight.
The pet and pet pack together must not weigh more than 8 kg.
Your pet must be clean and healthy, not dangerous, not smell, not pregnant, and not be a nuisance to passengers.

Note: Due to the structure of the seats, it is not possible to stow away the pet under your seat in the First and Business Class sections of the Airbus 330/340. In this case, the pet pack can be placed in the wardrobe, baggage compartment or maybe under a seat in the Economy Class for take-off and landing.

There are no size or weight restrictions for dogs that perform a protective or support function; they will travel in the cabin for no extra charge and without a container.

Transport in the cargo section
In a suitable container, your pet can travel safely in the cargo section of the aircraft. Temperature and air pressure are similar to the situation in the cabin. It is not possible to visit the pet during the flight. At SWISS, you check in together with your pet. SWISS will provide you with all the information you need regarding booking, costs and check-in procedures for your pet.

Prerequisites for transport in the cargo section:
Clean, healthy, not dangerous, no odour
Not pregnant
Travels in a suitable container or transport cage (Pet Pack), has enough food and water for the duration of the trip

We advise you to be at the check-in counter 1 hour before the last check-in time.

The following countries do not allow animals to be transported in the cabin nor checked-in as "baggage": Ireland, the UK, Kenya, South Africa, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.
Animals travelling to these countries may only be checked in as freight.

Transport in the cargo section

Transport as freight:
You don't necessarily have to accompany your pet - it can be safely transported as freight without you. In many countries, the transport of pets as freight is mandatory.

The safety and comfort of your pet is SWISS' top priority even in this case. Your pet may travel on the same aircraft as yourself or on another one. For more information regarding the booking, costs and procedures for this service, contact Swiss WorldCargo as early as possible on +41 44 564 54 54.

Guidelines for transport containers
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) defined guidelines for your pet's well-being. In the interest of the animals, SWISS adheres to these definitions for quality, kind and minimum size. Please affix the IATA label "Live Animals" to the container.

Traveling to Switzerland with your dogs and cats
If you fly into Switzerland directly, you will be checked by Customs at the airport. A fee of CHF 88 is charged for this Customs check. If the animals do not meet the entry requirements, they will be confiscated by the Border Veterinary Service and must be returned immediately to their country of origin at the expense of the person bringing the animals into the country. If a return is not possible within 10 days, the animals must be put down.

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