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08 May 2012

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Air Malta flies to destinations in Europe and North Africa.

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Air Malta Pet Policy 2018

Pets in the Passenger Cabin - For small cats and dogs only : for carriage on/after 01 January 2012
Not applicable to flights to/from the UK

You are welcome to bring your small cat or dog with you in the cabin on our flights provided you make a reservation and obtain authorisation in advance, since the number of pets accepted in the passenger cabin is limited.

Applicable Conditions :

Booking with Air Malta
You should register your pet with our Call Centre within 24 hours of completing your own booking (click here for contact details). If your pet cannot be accommodated on the flight(s) and date(s) you selected, your ticket can then be refunded subject to a refund fee that may apply at the time.

If you register your pet more than 24 hours after completing your own booking but your pet cannot be accommodated on the flight(s) and date(s) you selected, then the normal refund conditions of your ticket type would apply.

Pets that have not been registered in advance may be refused at the airport.

A fee of 70.00 EUR per one way is applicable per container.

Your Pet and its Container/Carrier
Your pet must be at least eight weeks old and must have been weaned for at least five days.

Your pet should be carried in an appropriate container/carrier that meets the minimum standard for size, ventilation, strength, sanitation and design for safe handling and must have a waterproof (leak proof) bottom.

You may carry up to two animals of the same species in the same container.

The container must be big enough to allow your pet/s to stand up, turn around and lie down safely and comfortably. No part of the pet/s may extend outside the container. The pet must be small enough to fit and stay comfortably in its container under the seat in front of you.

The container must not measure more than 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

Your pet/s may weigh up to 10 kgs including the container.

Documentation Required
A Pet health certificate is required. A licensed veterinarian should examine the pet within three days prior to travel and issue a certificate stating that the animal is in good health, harmless, inoffensive and odourless.

Please make sure you know pet import rules of the destination country.

Other Conditions
Unaccompanied minors may not carry a pet in the cabin.
If your itinerary involves travel on airlines other than Air Malta, you may be subject to the baggage policy and rules of the other airline even if the flight is code-shared by Air Malta.

Customers travelling with pets should check-in at the airport, not on-line. Please report at the check-in counter at least two hours prior to scheduled time of departure of your flight.

Guide dogs are accepted in the passenger cabin and travel free of charge.

Larger pets and and other animals are carried in the aircraft hold. For such cases contact our Cargo Sales Department in Malta or the local Air Malta cargo representative in your country. A full list and contact details are available here.

Inside the Aircraft Cabin
Your pet container must be placed underneath the seat in front of you without blocking any person's path to the main aisle of the airplane. It must remain properly stowed the entire time the airplane is moving on the airport surface and for the entire duration of the flight.

Your pet must remain in the container for the entire flight.

Your pet must not be placed in the lap or on a passenger seat.

For safety and security reasons your seat cannot be allocated next to an over wing or main exit.

You must follow flight attendant instructions regarding the proper stowage of your pet container.

All pets arriving in Malta must have:
A valid Pet Passport, with necessary requirements for entry in Malta.

A Prior Import Permit that can be obtained by contacting Ms. Lucienne Cassar at the Agriculture and Fisheries Regulation Division on E-mail.

An appointment must be made with the Agriculture and Fisheries Regulation Division on phone number (356) 99170532 (open 24/7) advising flight number, date and time of arrival, for inspection prior to release of pet.

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