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11 May 2012

About Orenair

Orenburg Airlines is a Russian airline flying mainly domestic routes.

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Orenair Pet Policy 2018

Animals and birds weighting less than 10 kg are carried in the cabin by prior consent of the Carrier. Animals and birds weighting more than 10 kg shall be carried in the baggage compartment. Carriage container shall be provided by the Passenger.

A passenger having an animal (bird) must have and present at the time of registration the valid documents (certificates) confirming the health of the animal (bird) issued by the competent veterinary bodies.

Acceptance for carriage of animals and birds is subject to the condition that the Passenger assumes full responsibility for such animal or bird. Carrier shall not be liable for injury to or loss, sickness or death of such animal or bird.

Small domestic animals and birds are transported in boxes, panniers, cages or special containers. Dimensions of the container (cage) should not exceed 50*50*100 cm. The bottom of a container (cage) must be water-proof and covered with absorbing material.

A bird cage must be covered by lightproof cloth.

The Passenger shall comply with all requirements of Carrier, and shall reimburse to the Carrier all expenses and extra charges incidental to the carriage of animal (bird).

Experimental animals are not accepted for carriage by air.

Dogs in a muzzle and on the lead are carried in the cabin provided that there is certificate, issued by Animal Health Office.

The animals (birds) are not covered by the free baggage allowance. The carriage of animals is to be paid according to the rate applicable to excess baggage, calculated on the basis of actual weight of the animal together with the container (cage). Guide dogs accompanying blind Passengers are carried free of charge.

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