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24 May 2012

About Orbest

Orbest is a Portuguese airline flying to holiday destinations in the Caribbean.

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Orbest Pet Policy 2018

Passengers carrying animals must have a confirmed reservation for the transport of animals issued by Orbest.

Orbest allows the transport of animals within the framework of the laws of excess baggage, with the exception of guide dogs or service animals for the physically disabled. Pets must be in a suitable container and transported in the hold of merchandise. Orbest authorizing the transport of pets in the cabin if the dimensions of the container / cage are not bigger than 50x40x25 cm. ( 10x16 "x20" inches) and weigh no more than 8 kg.

The following documentation is required in all countries:
Health certificate and certificate of vaccination against rabies.

Must be taken into account:
governmental laws regarding the export, import and transport of live animals.
the passenger will always be responsible for feeding and caring for the animal.

To this end, the container will be equipped with the proper receptacles for food and water that can feed the animal from the outside. If carried in the hold of merchandise, there are no restrictions on the number of animals but depends on the weight and space in the hold pressurized and must be in a cage provided by the passenger.

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