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23 May 2012

About JAT Airways

Jat Airways is Serbian airline flying to international destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Looking for JAT Airways Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 JAT Airways Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

JAT Airways Pet Policy 2018

The transport of animals household pets is allowed on all regular Jat Airways flights so long as the airline has been given prior notice.

The animal must be placed in an adequate animal carrier made from sufficiently strong material (plastic, fiberglass, wood, metal, etc...) with a non-porous bottom. The dimensions of the animal carrier must allow the animal to feel comfortable while being transported. It is the responsibility of the animal's owner to obtain an appropriate animal carrier.

The animals owner is also required to obtain the necessary animal health card and to be aquatinted with and abide by all regulations concerning the transport of animals from the country of origin to the country of travel, as well as all transit countries.

Animals of small size and weight (puppies, kittens and birds) may be accepted for travel in the passenger cabin under the condition that the overall weight of the animal carrier and animal does not exceed 10 kg. The number of animals that may be transported in the passenger cabin is limited.

Pets (dogs and cats) whose weight with their animal carrier exceeds 10 kg will be placed in the heated and pressurised baggage compartment under the plane.

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