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10 Jan 2018

About ArkeFly

Arkefly is a Dutch low-cost airline flies to destinations in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Mexico, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Arkefly has been renamed TUI Airlines, under the TUI travel group, but still performs flights for the Arke travel agency. Please view baggage information on the TUIfly Baggage page for relevant baggage information.

Looking for ArkeFly Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 ArkeFly Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

ArkeFly Pet Policy 2018

Travelling with Pets
ArkeFly only transports dogs and cats on its flights.

Per flight, a limited number of dogs and cats are accepted under certain conditions on board the aircraft. Dogs and cats must be at least 3 months old. In the EU, it is mandatory for an EU passport for your pet, also the pet must be vaccinated against rabies and be provided with an identification (chip). For countries outside the EU may have other obligations such as taking a blood test that is 6 months before departure should be done. Inform in time to the embassy of the country of destination which further admission there.

On a limited number of flights within Europe it is allowed your pet in the cabin with you. The pet should be transported in a kennel with the maximum dimensions of 50x35x30 cm. Pet and kennel must not exceed 10 kg. For carriage in the cabin of the captain's permission is required. If no permission is granted, the pet is transported in a heated baggage compartment. At checking in it is indicated your pet accompanies in the cabin or in the baggage hold. On distant flights, it is only possible to bring your pet in the hold.

Transport your pet is at your own risk. At check in must sign an indemnity certificate (Form of Indemnity).

If you want to bring your pet, indicate when booking with your travel agent or tour operator. If you booked through this website you can do this by phone at number 0900-Arkefly (0900-2753359 EUR 0.15 pm).

A kennel you must arrange yourself through a veterinary or through the pet supply store. Kennel known brands include "Sky" and "Vari". It is also possible for the luggage from the airport to buy a kennel.

Pets in cabin

European and Mediterranean destinations: EUR 40
Far destinations: Not allowed

Pets in baggage hold
European and Mediterranean destinations: within luggage
Far destinations: within luggage

Can I book my pets through the ArkeFly website?
It is not possible to book your pet via ArkeFly website. If you have made a booking via the website, please contact with number 0900-Arkefly (0900-2753359 EUR 0.15 pm).

Can I bring my guide dog, tracking dog or rescue dog?
Guiding blind, aid and rescue dogs, regardless of their size, accepted in the cabin. The dogs may be transported provided that the animal has a reduced mobility passenger or accompanies a rescue team. They are free of charge without kennel, permitted in the cabin, provided they are kept on a strap and not on the seat.

The transportation must be notified at least 3 days before departure and is at your own risk. Upon check in you must sign a form (Form of Indemnity). This means that the airline is not liable for illness, injury, loss, escape or death of the pet or to a country where access is denied. The paper should present a valid health certificate and passport.

You can book your dog by phone via 0900-Arkefly (0900-2753359, EUR 0.15 per minute). If you have a booking made through a travel agent or tour operator, register your service dog than with a travel agent or tour operator.

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