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About Gol Airlines

Gol Transportes Aereos ("Gol Air Transport") is a Brazilian airline, flying both domestically and internationally. Be sure to note that on some international routes, there are different free baggage allowances depending on whether you are flying TO or FROM Brazil, as there may be lower limits when departing from another country other than Brazil.

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View the 2018 Gol Airlines Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Gol Airlines Pet Policy 2018

Pets in Cabin
Not allowed in passenger cabin. Be aware of the policy for pets, such as cats and dogs. They can travel on the same airplane as you, but not in the passenger cabin, unless it is guide-dog or service-dog and accompanies a handicapped passenger who is reliant on the animal. (More information for Guide Dogs can be found below).

Pets as Checked Baggage
GOL is glad to transport your pet on our flights. Check out what you need to do in order to travel with your dog or cat. But note that only two animals will be accepted in each flight (except in cases of puppies in the same litter and small animals belonging to the same customer).

To travel with dogs or cats, they must be over four months of age and travel inside a kennel (container), which may be acquired in pet shops. The kennel must have enough room for the animal to turn around completely, be of strong material, smooth and leak resistant. The container must carry the customer's name, address and phone number. Animal and container together should weigh less than 30 kg to be accepted as checked baggage.

Pets as Cargo
If the animal and the container together weigh more than 30 kg, it must be transported as cargo. In that case, the trip will be handled by Gollog, GOL's cargo service. Dogs who are considered large or vicious will only be accepted if they are medicated for transportation and in containers that ensure their safety during the trip. In such cases a declaration of responsibility must be filled out by the passenger when he drops the dog off at the Gollog Cargo Terminal.

For GOL to transport animals as checked luggage, a BRL 90 (ninety Reals) fee is charged plus the weight of the kennel and the animal multiplied by the amount corresponding to 1% of the full fare of the segment flown. It is important to remember that the dimension of the animal transportation container cannot be over 86cm x 122cm x 135cm.

Brachycephalic canines (short-snout): American Buldog, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffin, Chinese Pug, Chow Chow, Dutch Pug, Pug, Pekinese, English Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, French Bulldog, Bordeaux Dog, Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu.

Brachycephalic felines (short-snout): Persian, Burmese, Exotic and Himalayan.

Below you can see other information about the container for transporting pets, followed by the necessary documentation for domestic and international flights.

Container for transporting pets
The container for transporting live animals must:
Be of fiberglass or stiff plastic that stands up to damages caused by the weight of other cargo that will be transported with it, and it must prevent the animal from escaping (containers made of wood, wicker or other materials will not be accepted for boarding animals);
Have inside dimensions compatible with the size of the animal, allowing it to be comfortable, stand up and turn around (360), and preventing it from harming itself;
Have small lateral openings that ensure air circulation, so the animal can breathe, but provide safety to the operator who will load the container, so he can do his job without risk of being attacked by the animal.
Have locking mechanisms that prevent accidental opening from the inside or outside;
Have an interior floor lined with a material that contains or absorbs animal urine and feces, avoiding leakage during transportation;
Allow for several boarding processes;
Be identified with the name, address and phone number for both sender and recipient;
Be provided by the customer.

GOL must receive the containers completely clean, disinfected and sterilized so as to prevent illnesses to the animal and third parties.

The transport will take place in the in belly of the plane, which is properly pressurized and at the same temperature as the cabin.

For long trips, the animal must be sedated by the customer, under supervision of a veterinary.

The animal must be clean, healthy and not smell bad. If any of the aforementioned conditions are not met, GOL may decline to board the animal.

The passenger must place a tag on the container with the animal's identification and owner's name and telephone number, as well as the reservation (locator) code.

Boarding documentation
Documents required for traveling with dogs and cats in GOL flights

Guide dog, hearing dog or assistant dog
The guide dog will be transported free of charge on the cabin floor, beside its owner and under his or her control, in the first row. The animal must be equipped with a harness, but no muzzle is necessary. The passenger will need to present an International Animal Health Certificate (Certificado Zoossanitario Internacional, or CZI) issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture's International Agriculture Surveillance (Vigilancia Agropecuaria Internacional) unit, as per the requirements of the destination country.

GOL understands the limitations of some of its customers and tries to make travel as comfortable as possible for everyone. For that reason, customers with an assistant dog, trained to guide them, may take the animal in the passenger cabin.

The dog travels free of charge, but the customer must have identification for the dog, proof of training and of the animal's vaccination.

Below are the documents required for the guide, hearing or assistant dog in order to travel in the cabin with a special needs customer, both in domestic and international flights.

*By an accredited veterinary

If you have any questions about the documentation for a guide, hearing or assistant dog and the customer depends exclusively on the animal, access the Online Chat via the GOL website.

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