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21 May 2012

About Transaero Airlines

Transaero Airlines is a large Russian airline with both domestic and international flights, which slightly complicates its baggage policies.

Looking for Transaero Airlines Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Transaero Airlines Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Transaero Airlines Pet Policy 2018

You can carry pets and cagebirds on our airliners with our prior approval and the permission of your countries of destination or transit when flying internationally.

First, please note:

Pets and cagebirds can be transported inside the baggage compartment but not in the passenger cabin. An exception is made for guide dogs.

All matters of pet and cagebird transit are governed by the laws of the appropriate countries. For detailed information please refer to the consular offices of the countries that your pet will enter, exit or transit while traveling.

Transaero Airlines is not liable for any faults in, and/or improper execution of your documents required for pet/cagebird travel.

You should inform us or our authorized agent about your intention to travel with a pet or cagebird when booking your flight or buying a ticket.

If you fly with a pet or cagebird, be sure to have on you a valid pet health certificate issued by an authorized veterinary agency and any other documents required by the overflown or transit countries, and present them during check-in.

Your pet or cagebird must travel in a container/cage while aboard a Transaero flight.
Containers/cages must meet the following requirements:

The container must have a sufficient size (and, as a rule, accommodate maximum two mature animals weighing up to 14 kilograms each who are friendly with each other, or up to six animals below six months of age. The required width of the container is calculated as the height at the shoulder multiplied by three for two animals, or by four, for three animals;

Proper ventilation and a strong lock;

A watertight bottom covered with an absorbent material;

The perimeter must have an edge that rules out leakage of the absorbent;

Bird cages must be covered with a tight opaque cloth.

Our free baggage allowances do not cover pets or cagebirds.

Transportation of pets and cagebirds is paid for at the rate for excess baggage based upon the actual weight of the container with the pet or bird inside.
The transportation of test animals is not allowed.

Guide dogs accompanying visually or hearing-impaired passengers can be carried on Transaero flights in the cabin free of charge beyond the normal free baggage allowance, provided they have appropriate training as confirmed by a valid certificate. A guide dog must be kept on a leash, wear a muzzle and be tied to the seat at the owner’s feet.

Transaero Airlines will carry your pets or birds on condition that you assume full responsibility for them. We will not be liable for any bodily harm to, or loss, delay in delivery, illness or death of, these pets, or denial of carriage or entry when traveling internationally.

When traveling with pets, you must comply with every requirement of Transaero Airlines and reimburse us for any damages or extra costs arising from any harm your pets cause to the aircraft, or other passengers’ health or baggage.

We impose no restrictions on the breed of dogs carried aboard our flights.
Full information can be found in our Rules of Air Transportation

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