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07 May 2012

About Bluexpress

Blu-Express is a low cost airline Italian airline, flying mainly domestic routes and within Europe.

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View the 2018 Bluexpress Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Bluexpress Pet Policy 2018

The animal must remain in a carrier whose maximum dimensions are as follows:
46 cm long - 31 cm wide - 25 cm high.

The carrier must enable the animal to be comfortable, to turn around and to lie down. It must be well ventilated, waterproof and sturdy.

The carrier may contain up to 5 animals of the same species, on condition that their total weight (including food and the carrier itself) is not over 8 kg.

If you do not have your own carrier, please contact us a few days prior to departure to enquire re-availability of carriers.

If these conditions are not complied with or the animal disturbs other passengers, the captain of the flight reserves the right to transfer the container to the hold.

Animals that are 3 months old or less and therefore animals that havenít done the rabies vaccine cannot travel in Europe. Some countries have laws and limitations to the introduction of specific animal species; thus, passengers are advised to check these laws and limitations with respect to their destination BEFORE the departure date. To prevent the spread of avian influenza, the European Union and the Ministry of Health have placed a complete ban on the carriage of pet birds from Asian countries, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Romania and all states in the Balkan Peninsula. The animal cage must allow the animal to be comfortable, to turn and to hunker down; moreover, the cage must be aired, waterproof and robust. The hutch can contain up to 5 animals of the same specie only if the overall weigh (including the food and the hutch itself) is not more than 8 kg. If the passengers do not respect the above conditions or the animals disturb the other passengers, the flight Commander has the right to transfer the animal in the hold.

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