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11 May 2012

About SAT Airlines

SAT Airlines is a Russian airline flying to destinations in Eastern Russia, as well as China, South Korea and Japan.

Looking for SAT Airlines Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 SAT Airlines Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

SAT Airlines Pet Policy 2018

Pets in the cabin
Your cat or small dog can travel with you in the cabin on our flight
Pets should be small enough to fit and stay comfortably in its carrier with you at your seat

- Maximum allowable weight : 5kg with carrier
- Charge : about 7 USD per 1 kg
- Document : proper identification issued by animal clinic

Pets in the baggage compartment
Your pet can't fly in the cabin with you?
It can still travel safely on the same flight as you in the checked baggage compartment

- Maximum allowable weight and size : You'll need to register your pet in advance for travel
- Charge : about 7 USD per 1 kg
- Document : proper identification issued by animal clinic

Seat assign for passenger with pets
We concern that some of our customers may not wish to be seated too close to cats or dogs during their flight.
For this reason, we assign the seat at the back side for passenger with pets

Limitation of liability
SAT Airlines will not be responsible in the event of loss, delay, injury, sickness or death of any pet or animal accepted for transportation

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SAT Airlines Sporting Equipment Policies

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