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06 Jan 2018

About Iceland Air

Icelandair is the flag carrier airline of Iceland, many of its flights connecting through Reykjavik. It often allows a free stop-over in Iceland for a couple of days for connecting flights, if you are interested in exploring this island country.

Icelandair has a much more generous checked baggage policy than it's new low-cost competitor, WOW Air.

Be sure to note that Icelandair has introduced both an Economy Standard fare, as well as an Economy Light fare, which have different baggage allowances (Economy Light has no free checked bags), so pay attention to which flights and fare levels you are booking.

Looking for Iceland Air Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Iceland Air Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Iceland Air Pet Policy 2018

Traveling with Pets
All pets transported on Icelandair travel in specially climate controlled transport areas in the cargo area of the aircraft*. A maximum of 4 animal crates can be carried on each aircraft, however two animals can share a crate if both are small and of the same species. The passenger must provide their own pet crate. The charge for pet transport is the excess baggage charge applicable to the destination.
Pets must be booked in advanced in the passenger's reservation.

To book your pet for transport please contact the reservation office located nearest to you. When booking your pet for transport, you will be required to provide the exact dimensions and weight of the crate including the pet inside for a confirmation. The combined weight of a pet and its kennel may not exceed 32 kg. Maximum kennel dimensions are 92x56x71 cm. Please contact Icelandair Cargo if you are travelling with a heavier pet

Please note: Many countries require a mandatory quarantine of pets upon entry. It is the responsibility of the passenger to determine the requirements of the country being entered. Please contact the embassy of your destination to determine if travel with your pet is permitted before you book your pet.

*Escort, rescue, and sniffer dogs may be carried in the cabin, however they must also be booked in advanced.

Blind Passengers with Seeing-Eye Dogs
A blind passenger may be accompanied by a seeing-eye dog in the cabin provided that the dog is properly harnessed and muzzled. The dog is not permitted to occupy a seat and must not block the aisle. Permits must be obtained for entry into the country of transit and/or destination where necessary. Icelandair cannot be responsible if the seeing-eye dog is refused entry or passage through any country.

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