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10 May 2012

About Carpatair

Carpatair is a Romanian airline serving Eastern Europe.

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Carpatair Pet Policy 2018

Before taking your pet with you on your journey, you need to know the following rules and restrictions:

If you wish to carry your pet with you in the passenger cabin, you need to book its flight. Carpatair accepts the carriage of your pet in standard boxes, which you should provide.

Only cats and small dogs may be transported as cabin baggage, within the limits specified below.
Only one pet container is allowed per passenger.

The following maximum dimensions must be respected in relation to pet in cabin:
The container must not exceed H26xL50xW35 cm (H = height, L = length, W = width)

The container plus the animal must not weigh more than 6 kg. Should these dimensions and weight be exceeded, the animal cannot be carried in cabin; it will be transported in the cargo compartment.

Please take into consideration that there is a limited number of pets allowed per flight - maximum 2 on a Saab 2000, maximum 4 on a Fokker 100, and maximum 3 on a Fokker 70. If you fail to book your pet's flight, Carpatair can only guarantee the transport if the total number of pets accepted on your flight is not exceeded and if the dimensions/weight are within the specified limits.

Before taking your pet with you, you should be aware of the following transportation rules:

If you carry a pet, you cannot be seated in an emergency exit row or in the first row
You must stow the pet container under the front seat. You have to make sure that even if turned aside, the content of the box does not leak and that the pet can lie in a natural position.
The container must be bite- and leak-proof and must ensure sufficient ventilation even when closed.
The pet must fit into the container completely in a natural position.
The pet must stay in the container during the entire flight.

You must take care that your pet:
Is clean
Is healthy (you will be asked to present an international travel passport for your pet)
Has the proper vaccination certificates
Is not pregnant

Charges applied to transportation of pets in cabin
Carpatair will charge 75.00 euro per PETC per one-way flight for international flights
Carpatair will charge 50.00 euro + VAT per PETC per one-way flight for domestic flights

Live animals may be carried in the hold of the aircraft as checked baggage

Generally, dogs and cats can be transported only

Prior notification at the time of booking is required

Animals can only be accepted if kept in special air transport containers and are within the limits of accepted live animals on the respective flight (for example, fur length, maximum number of animals per flight, breed, sex, etc.)

Please note that Carpatair does not provide such pet containers and you are required to bring your own.

The owner must have all the necessary documents for animal transportation

Charges applied to transportation of animals in the cargo compartment

Animals are not included in the free baggage allowance, thus normal excess baggage charges apply, cage included.

No fee will be charged if the animal accompanies visually impaired passengers.

For further details, please contact Carpatair Call Center.

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