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About Andes Lineas Aereas

Andes Lineas Aereas an Argentinian airline flying to destinations in Argentina and Brazil.

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View the 2018 Andes Lineas Aereas Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Andes Lineas Aereas Pet Policy 2018

Transport of pets and animals
ANDES transports domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and small ornamental birds within the legal limitations of the country that you will enter and with the appropriate documentations.
These animals will travel in the hold of the airplane. They will only be transported in the cabin of the aircraft if this service and route permit it.
Other kinds of animals (unaccompanied pets) will be transported only by the Cargo Department, ANDES CARGA.
The transport of your pet can be requested at the Call Center or at any Sales Office with a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your flight that requires confirmation. The transport is subject to an excess baggage payment, as an additional piece of luggage and will be governed by the same policies and rules that relate to weight as applied to normal baggage.
There is an exception in the case of guide dogs.
As related to individually trained dogs for the benefit of people with special needs, this means people with sight, hearing, or balance difficulties.
ANDES accepts for boarding trained dogs for persons with special needs in the cabin of the aircraft, always and when the animal can be situated without obstructing aisles and other areas used for exit in case of emergencies. These animals must be officially identified for their distinctive nature and it is recommended that they travel with a muzzle.

Passengers who are blind or deaf
Those passengers who have permanent visual or auditory disabilities can travel with a service animal without any additional cost and without being a part of their baggage weight allowance. The animal should have appropriate documentation and health certification.
Dogs will be accepted that can travel with muzzle in the cabin with the passenger, or the passenger can opt for the animal to travel in the hold.

The following requirements should be met:
The passenger must be 18 years old.
The passenger must be able to communicate with the crew and with vice-versa.
The crew should be able to assist the passenger with their needs.
In order to prepare for your travel or for any needed information, please request confirmation of service at our Call Center or at any ANDES Sales Office.

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