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11 May 2012

About Iceland Express

Iceland Express is a low-fare airline out of Iceland, flying between Europe and North America. Many of its flights connect through Iceland.

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View the 2018 Iceland Express Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Iceland Express Pet Policy 2018

Please note that Iceland Express' transportation of pets is limited to only dogs and cats and all transport on pets to/from the United Kingdom is not allowed.

Rules on the importation of live animals to Iceland are extremely strict. The importation of pets is not permitted unless approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and unless the conditions of the government's Regulation on the Importation of Pets (Companion Animals) are fulfilled.

Before your application for an Import Permit is approved you will need to present valid certificates of health and origin, vaccinations, test, etc. If your application is approved, your pet must stay at an isolation facility for four weeks after arrival. There are also considerable costs involved.

When transporting your pet with Iceland Express you must reserve a space on the aircraft and at check-in present all necessary certificates and permits required for entry into the country of destination. You must also provide a cage for the pet to be transported in. This cage needs to fulfil the following requirements: a) it must be made of durable material that is easy to wash and disinfect (wooden cages are not allowed), b) it must have openings for ventilation and for the pet to be see through, although the pet must not be able to put its paw or snout through the openings, and c) it must be large enough so that the pet is able to stand up, lie down and turn around in it. Cages must be sturdy, waterproof, clean and disinfected, with appropriate supplies of water and food. The cage must be big enough for the animal to be comfortable in during the journey, without being able to escape. Cages of this kind can usually be bought in pet shops.

On arrival in Iceland the District Veterinarian inspects all pets and ascertains that they do not show any symptoms of infectious diseases, and that import permits, all required certificates and a positive comment from the Chief Veterinary Officer of Iceland are all supplied.

The pet must be transported from the country of export to Iceland without coming in contact with other animals. If the pet comes from a country without rabies, transport through a country with rabies is not permitted unless the pet remains in the international zone of the airport.

Iceland Express takes no responsibility for an animal that is denied entry or has to transit through a third country on the way to its destination. The owner is fully responsible for the possible injury, sickness or death of an animal accepted for transportation.

Only four animal cages are allowed on any given flight. Only one animal is allowed per cage.

Animals are not allowed in the passenger compartment, with the exception of animals required by the passenger to provide support or assistance. No fees, weight limits or cage requirements apply in these cases.

For complete information on the importation of animals to Iceland, see the website of Iceland's Chief Veterinary Services.

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