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About UTair

UTair Aviation is a Russian airline flying mainly within Russia. It does, however, operate a few international flights as well.

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UTair Pet Policy 2018

Animals and birds may be transported by UTair airplanes upon prior agreement with UTair and also with a permit of arrival or transit countries for international flights.

Rules for transportation of animals and birds at international flights are governed by the laws of arrival, departure and transit countries. We recommend to seek detailed information from the consulate of a country that is a departure, arrival or transit point.

You should agree upon the transportation of an animal or a bird with the Airlines or their authorized agent when booking or purchasing a ticket.

With a permit of the Airlines, you may transport animals in the airplane’s cabin. It is allowed to transport in the cabin animals weighing not more than 10 kg (including the weight of container to carry it). The Airlines may refuse to transport an animal in the cabin if such transportation has not been agreed upon in advance.
Animals weighing more than 10 kg are transported only in the baggage department in a cage.

When transporting a pet (bird) in the cabin of baggage department of the airplane, it must be placed in a package container (cage or basket) of sufficient dimensions with access of air (with the exception of guide dogs). The bottom of such container (cage or basket) must be water-proof and covered with an absorbing material. Bird cages must be covered with a dense light-tight cloth. The sum of three dimensions of a container/ cage (if a pet (bird) is transported in the cabin) may not exceed 115 cm, in the baggage department – 203 cm. A container for carriage of pets (birds) must have handles to carry it.

The weight of a pet (bird), including the weight of a container (cage or basket) is not included in the free allowance and be paid for by a passenger at the rate set by the carrier.

You should take care of you pet during the flight yourself, provide it with food and water in due time and take care of it. Remember that the Airlines bear no liability for the health of your pet.

Guide dogs accompanying visually or hearing impaired persons are transported in the airplane’s cabin free of charge above the free baggage allowance, if there is a document confirming special training of a guide dog, relevant training and a veterinarian certificate, provided that such a dog has a collar and a muzzle. They are placed in rear rows of the passenger cabin and must be tied to a seat of its owner near his legs.

Please notify us of your dog in advance.

Required documents:
To transport a pet in Russia, you will need a veterinarian certificate issued within 48 hours prior to departure of your flight from the departure airport. Such certificate is valid during one month.

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