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08 Jan 2018

About Cayman Airways

Cayman Airways is the national carrier of the Cayman Islands, flying with domestic and international routes. It has a very generous free checked baggage policy.

Looking for Cayman Airways Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Cayman Airways Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Cayman Airways Pet Policy 2018

Pets Travelling on Cayman Airways
Cayman Airways will accept domestic dogs, cats and household birds for carriage subject to the conditions below. On the jet service a maximum of four pets are allowed in the cargo compartment per flight and a maximum of two pets are allowed in the passenger compartment per flight (one in business class and one in economy class).

Pets travelling to and from a US destination are charged at USD 50 per pet each way. Pets travelling on jet services within the Caribbean are charged at USD 25 per pet each way. Payment will be taken at check-in, cash and credit cards are both accepted.

Travel Container
The pet must be confined in a suitable leak proof container provided by the passenger. When the pet is in the cabin compartment the container must not exceed the following dimensions: maximum length of 23 inches and maximum width of 13 inches. The pet must be accompanied by a valid health and rabies vaccination certificate, entry permits and other documents required by the country of entry. The maximum weight for a pet allowed to travel is 99lbs, this is the added weight of the pet plus the kennel.

Pets travelling on Cayman Airways Express
No more than two pets in total will be allowed on any flight operated by Cayman Airways Express, either both pets in the cabin in separate kennels if they are for the same owner &/or familiar and compatible with each other, otherwise one pet in the cabin and one pet in the baggage compartment per flight.

Pets must be registered by contacting Cayman Airways Reservations in advance for travel on the same flight as the passenger. The charge is 25.00 USD per pet per direction.

In the cabin:
Pets must be small enough to fit and stay comfortably in its carrier under the seat. Soft-sided kennels are recommended and cannot exceed the following dimensions:
H-9inches X W-12inches X L-24inches

Max weight of pet and kennel cannot exceed 22 lbs.

In the baggage compartment:
Pets must be housed in a hard-sided kennel that does not exceed H-30 inches X W-23 inches. Max weight of pet and kennel cannot exceed 50 lbs.

If travelling with a service animal in the cabin, it must be properly muzzled and harnessed and kept with the owner at all times

Unaccompanied Pets
If a pet is travelling unaccompanied it must travel in the cargo compartment at the cargo rate.

Service Animals
Certified, professionally-trained service animals assisting customers with disabilities are carried, free of charge, in the passenger cabin at the customer's feet, provided the animal is harnessed and is certified as having been trained to assist a person with a disability by a professional service animal institution.
You must pre-register your service animal through Cayman Airways reservations.

Seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs will all be carried free of charge when assisting a passenger. The passenger however must provide all documents required for the transportation of the animal such as a valid passport or certificate which identifies the dog as a seeing eye dog, hearing dog and service dog and an official health certificate from country of origin and one from country of destination. The dog will need to have a collar which identifies the dog accordingly and it must be harnessed at all times. Although the dogs are allowed in the passenger cabin they must always be at their master's feet and are not allowed to occupy a seat.

In order to make sure that any special requirements you may have are met, please let us know at least 24 hours before your flight if we can be of any special assistance.

Limitation of liability
Cayman Airways will not be responsible in the event of loss, delay, injury, sickness or death of any pet or animal accepted for transportation

Please Note:
Passengers are responsible for researching and meeting all applicable requirements for travel documents for their pets prior to booking or checking-in for flights. Cayman Airways reserves the right to deny boarding to any pet whose owner fails to present the required travel documents upon check-in at any gateway, at the passenger's expense.
For more information visit:

Cayman Islands Entry Requirements for Dogs and Cats
All dogs and cats entering the Cayman Islands must be accompanied by an import permit issued by the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture. You must provide evidence that your dog or cat complies with all of their import requirements before they will issue an Import Permit. Application forms are available here.

Failure to meet these requirements exactly will result in your dog or cat being refused entry into the Cayman Islands. Your local veterinarian will be able to help you with the requirements. Ensure to contact the Department of Agriculture well in advance of your proposed trip to ensure you are able to meet all the requirements.

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