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About Kuban Airlines

Kuban Airlines is a Russian airline flying within Russia and to a selection of international destinations.

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View the 2018 Kuban Airlines Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Kuban Airlines Pet Policy 2018

Procedure for transport of animals and birds in flights

Pets (dogs, cats) and birds can be taken with prior agreement with the Airline, and subject to special conditions of payment

No allowed for carriage as baggage are insects (including bees), reptiles, rodents, wildlife and laboratory animals.

To transport pets and birds passenger must have a strong container (cell), which provides the necessary facilities for transport, access and reliable air lock (lock). The bottom of the container (cell) must be compact, waterproof and covered with an absorbent
material. The container (cell) should exclude spillage absorbent material. Cage birds should be covered with a dense opaque cloth.

For animals and birds, the free baggage allowance does not apply and must be paid at the rate of for excess baggage on the basis of the actual weight of the animal or bird with a container (cage), regardless of the number of other items. In exceptional cases, to resolve Airlines, animals (dogs and cats), weight of which together with the cell does not exceed 8 kg, can be transported in the cabin.

In the cabin of the aircraft are allowed to transport only one pet per flight. In the case of the animal in the cabin, passengers are issued boarding passes for seats in the last row of economy class. Transportation of animals in the cabin of business class is prohibited.

Guide dogs accompanying blind passengers to be transported in the cabin are on a leash and muzzled, provided that there is a certificate of special training such a dog. Guide dogs are carried free of charge, in excess of the applicable free baggage allowance.

They are placed on the back of the seat and the passenger compartment must be tied to the chair holder at his feet.

Acceptance for carriage of animals and birds is made, provided that the passenger assumes full responsibility for them. Passenger shall comply with all requirements of the Carrier for the transportation of animals or birds and shall indemnify the Carrier against all losses and additional costs in the event of an animal or bird damage to the aircraft, health or property of other passengers and crew members.

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