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About Small Planet Airlines

Small Planet Airlines is an airline operating holiday flights throughout Europe.

Looking for Small Planet Airlines Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Small Planet Airlines Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Small Planet Airlines Pet Policy 2018

Small Planet Airlines accepts the following types of animals transported as baggage:

PETC pet in cabin animal (dog or cat) in the container with maximum size 48x32x29cm and total weight (animal + container) not exceeding 8 kg. Max 3 PETC for the flight.

Escort dog for passenger with impaired vision/hearing travelling in the cabin; no weight restrictions apply.

Passengers with PETC and escort dogs may be subject to certain seating restrictions. PETC container may be placed only on the floor.

Please contact Small Planet Airlines or your travel agent about PETC or escort dogs before purchasing your travel package. Animal transportation may be subject to additional fees.

Please read our full carriage conditions for further information.

We agree to carry your animals if all of the following conditions are satisfied:

Prior to purchasing a Ticket or a tourist trip which includes air carriage performed by us, you must inform either us or the Client from which you are purchasing the Ticket or the trip of the planned transportation of an animal. You must obtain our consent to transport your animal.

You must ensure that your animals: dogs, cats, household birds, and other pets are properly placed into the special containers intended for such transportation.

Animals must be kept in the containers during the entire flight. Animals must be accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit. If you fail to present the above indicated documents at our request, we will refuse to carry your animal.

Additional conditions for the Carriage of animals may apply, which we or the Client will provide you with at your request.

On receipt of our consent, the animal satisfying all the applicable requirements is accepted for Carriage in the aircraft cabin or as Checked Baggage for an additional fee set by us. Information about the additional fees charged will be provided to you by us or by the Client.

Animals whose total weight together with the container does not exceed 8 (eight) kilograms may be transported in the cabin of the aircraft. The dimensions of the container of the animal transported in the cabin of the aircraft may not exceed thefollowing dimensions: 48 cm x 32 cm x 29 cm. Animals transported in the cabin of the aircraft may not occupy a separate passenger seat.

Guide dogs having special certificates certifying that they have completed special training and having all the documents listed accompanying Passengers with impaired vision or hearing are carried in the cabin of the aircraft without imposing any weight or dimension restrictions. Guide dogs are not subject to the requirement of being placed in a container; however, if a guide dog is not placed in a container, it must wear a muzzle and be held on a lead during the entire flight. Guide dogs may not occupy a separate passenger seat. At the request of a Passenger travelling with a guide dog, the guide dog may be carried as Checked Baggage as well. Guide dogs are not subject to payment of any fees set by us.

In any case, the total number of animals present in the cabin of the aircraft may not exceed three.

Animals may be carried as Check Baggage if total weight of such animal together with the container does not exceed 32 (thirty two) kilograms. Any animal which we accept as Baggage, together with its container and food, will not be included in your free Baggage allowance, but will be regarded as excess Baggage, for which you will have to pay the applicable fee.

In cases where the Carriage of an animal is not subject to the liability provisions of the Convention, we may not be held liable for any injury, illness or death of the animal which we have agreed to carry, unless such events are attributable to our direct fault. In any case, we assume no liability for the illness or death of the animal which was determined by the animal's health conditionor behaviour or any other factors beyond our control.

We assume no liability for any animal not having all the necessary entry, exit, health and other documents relating to the animal's entry into or transit through any country, state or territory and the person accompanying the animal will be required to reimburse us for any fines or liabilities, losses or other costs.

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