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About Adria Airways

Adria Airways is a Slovenian airline flying within Europe and to the Middle East. It's a member of the Star Alliance network.

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View the 2018 Adria Airways Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Adria Airways Pet Policy 2018

Below described rules, conditions and rates are valid till 29th of October 2011.
At Adria we transport an average of 5 animals per month in the passenger cabin. Small pets (e.g. dogs, cats) weighing up to 8 kg together with their pet carrier may travel with you. For each animal the confirmed reservation is needed.

Pet Comfort and Safety
We transport animals in cages of prescribed dimensions. The maximum dimension of a cage is L55 x W40 x H23 cm (55x40x21cm for A319). They must be solidly constructed, it must be possible to provide water without opening the cage, and they must be sufficiently ventilated. Cages must have an impermeable bottom. They should also be large enough that the animal can stand in its natural position, turn around and lie down.

We can transport 1 animal in business class and 2 animals in economy class on an A320 aircraft. On a CRJ 200 we can carry 1 animal in the passenger cabin.

Larger pets are transported in a special heated and pressurized luggage compartment in the aircraft.

Prices and Documents
Transport of pets in the special freight area is calculated as additional luggage by weight. For the rate please contact your nearest Adria Airways office:

Sales Offices in Slovenia

Representative Offices Abroad

Authorised Travel Agencies in Europe and Overseas

Animals in the cabin are always calculated as excess luggage regardless of the amount of luggage the passenger has. For example: if a passenger in economy class has 12 kg of luggage (up to 20 kg is permitted), and in addition has a pet (6 kg), the passenger still pays an excess luggage fee for 6 kg.

Documents for transporting animals depend on the country of destination. Information is available at your veterinary station.

Dogs and cats require a vaccination record (for rabies and potentially for vaccination against other infectious diseases), and other animals require a veterinary certificate stating that the animal is healthy.

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