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About Air Caraibes

Air Caraibes serves Guadeloupe and Martinique, the French Caribbean. It flies transatlantic flights to Paris, as well as serving a few local island airports.

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View the 2018 Air Caraibes Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Air Caraibes Pet Policy 2018

To find out if your pet can travel with you in the cabin or in the hold, please call Air Caraibes Reservations when booking your flight. The transport of animals is not included in the luggage allowance:
Pet in cabin: EUR 50.
Animals in hold: EUR 70.

In the cabin:
Dogs and cats weighing more than 7kg, container included. The animal must be locked into the container, the head included during the flight. The small rodents (dwarf rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs), with the exception of quite other rodent and animal must be placed in a box in fiberglass or plastic (sold in pet shop). They must be maintained during the flight there. Unaccompanied Minors can not bring pet in cabin.

In the hold:
The request of transport must be made during the reservation and an authorization must be obtained (to respect the quotae by flight). Only dogs and cats are accepted as animals, in adequate container and with the exception of the races of dogs forbidden the transport. Quite other animal will travel in freight. For any further information, please contact our booking department.

Animals in the hold
Only dogs and cats in suitable cages are accepted, with the exception of breeds of dogs that are prohibited from transport.

Any other animal must be sent FREIGHT.

The carriage of live animals* on transatlantic flights is subject to a flat rate fee of EUR 68.
For more information, contact our Call Centre.
On regional flights, the cost of the carriage in the hold of live animals* is included in the baggage allowance. Any surplus will be recorded as excess baggage (see preceding tables).

* transportation subject to quotas


La stands for Live Animal (pet), such as dogs, cats. The size and weight of the animal determine how it can be transported:
Animal travelling in the cabin: PETC (PET in Cabin).
Animal travelling in the hold: AVIH / AVISoute.

Condition of Acceptance for Carriage
Passengers are advised only to travel with healthy animals (aged at least 12 weeks for reasons of dehydration). The transport of females in heat should be avoided.
It is not recommended to give sedatives to animals (because they reduce blood pressure, a phenomenon which occurs naturally at high altitude). The combined effects of sedatives and altitude can be fatal to older or stressed animals.
Prohibited for animals (AVIH and PETC) of less than 4 months
For animals over 4 months:
Certificates of good health drawn up less than 5 days before departure
Mandatory identification (tattoo)
A valid rabies vaccination certificate dated more than one month and less than one year before date of travel is required for animals from: French Guiana, St Martin Juliana and other countries. With the exception of Mainland France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion and St Martin, French part.

All these documents must be presented for check-in.

Regulated DOGS
Below are the new rules that apply from 6 June 1999 in respect of potentially dangerous dogs.

The breeds in question:
The types of dogs liable to be dangerous are divided into two categories. These are the mastiff type breeds, characterized by a solid and thick body, strong frame and a thick neck.

The following people are prohibited from keeping dogs in both categories:
Persons under the age of 18 years.
Persons over 18 under guardianship unless they have been authorized by the guardianship judge.

1st category dogs (attack dogs)
These dogs are commonly called "Pit bull", "Boer bull" and "Tosa" and which are not registered in a genealogical register recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The importation and introduction into the Mainland, the overseas departments and the territorial collectivity of St. Pierre and Miquelon of dogs in the first category mentioned in article 211-1 is punished by six months' imprisonment and a EUR 15,245 fine.

2nd category dogs (guard and defense dogs)
These dogs are Staffordshire terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Rottweilers and Tosas and dogs which by their morphological features are similar to Rottweiler dogs without being enrolled in a genealogical book recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
These dogs may be imported or brought into the Mainland, the overseas departments and the territorial collectivity of St. Pierre et Miquelon under the following conditions:
Original French registration documents, except for Rottweillers
Identification of the dog by tattoo or microchip
Valid rabies vaccination certificate valid
Presentation of an insurance certificate covering the civil liability of the owner of the dog or its handler for damage caused to others by the animal
Presentation of the statement of detention of a dangerous animal drawn up at the city hall of the residence of the dog's owner
Receipt from the town from which the animal comes.

All these documents must be presented for check-in.

The owner or handler of the animal must submit two statements: one from the town from which the animal comes and one from the municipality where the animal will be kept.

Dogs must be muzzled and kept on a leash at all times by an adult.

The following are not considered as dangerous dogs:
Bull terriers and American Staffordshire Bull terriers which look like miniature American Staffordshire Terriers.

Guide Dogs
In the case of a deaf, blind or disabled person, the "travelling companion" can be a guide dog.
In addition to the baggage allowance, a guide dog is carried free of charge in the cabin.
NOTE: These passengers must report their needs on booking.

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