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Air Moldova flies mainly to destinations within Europe.

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Air Moldova Pet Policy 2018

Dogs and cats may be accepted for transportation only with prior approval of the airline. Pets are carried in special containers only in the cabin of the aircraft.
All responsibility for the transported pet(s) rests with the passenger. Transportation of animal should be booked in advance.

The weight of accompanied pets, as well as the weight of the container and of the food, are not included in the free baggage allowance, and are always charged according to the normal excess baggage rate for the journey. Maximum weight, including container, must be 8 kg and maximum sum of dimensions not more than 115 cm.

Fares published by operating carrier on transatlantic segment that are valid from (to) all European countries to (from) USA/Canada, are used for animal transportation on entire journey. If fares are valid for transportation from(to) a specific European country to(from) USA/Canada, then for Air Moldova segment Weight concept apply for pets transportation, and Piece concept for animal in cabin of operational carrier apply for transatlantic segment.

Live animals (PETS) are allowed in aircraft cabin:
Cats and dogs only
Service animal Guide dogs

The passenger must provide all necessary documents, such as:
Export / import / transit permits
Vaccination certificates
Health certificate

Pet animals going to EU countries, will be subject to the presentation of a Health Certificate (Regulation EC Nr.998/2003), issued by Official Veterinary Authority of the country of origin, certifying:

Identification (animal shall be identified by an electronic identification system (transponder), to ensure a clear link with the animal health certificate (EU-passport), or by a clearly readable tattoo. The tattoo, as a means of identification will only be accepted until 3 July 2011 and not for movements to the UK, Malta and Ireland (transponder obligatory).

a valid anti-rabies vaccination: Rabies vaccination and in addition testing carried out by an approved lab on a blood sample taken three months before movement will be required for entry, please go to:

It is not allowed the entry of these animals, until three months old which have not yet a valid anti-rabies vaccination.

Additional information concerning Non-Commercial Movement from Third Countries to EU countries can be found:

NOTE: Due to special conditions for live animals transportation into UK, Air Moldova will not accept live animals on flights for transportation to United Kingdom.

The airline is not responsible for any physical injuries caused to the pet during the flight, losses, delays in delivery, illness, or death, as well as for the refusal to their import or transportation through any other country or territory.

Passenger carrying a pet must sign the form of limited responsibility Declaration for animal transportation during the check in.

The following conditions must be met:

The animal:
Must be clean, healthy, harmless, odorless, and must not be pregnant

May not annoy passengers

Must be booked 24 hours before flight departure with PETC SSR code and kennel dimensions

The animal must be in a suitable container, i.e. the animal can stand in a natural position, turn around and lie down (except guide dogs and specially trained dogs)

Must be transported in cabin only and never in the hold.

The container:
May not be placed on the seat

Maximum weight, including container, is 8 kg

Maximum sum of dimensions not more than 115 cm (25 H x 40 W x 50 L)
Must be provided by the passenger,

Must not exceed hand baggage dimensions and weight limit.

The container must be well ventilated, securely fastened and made of a strong material that is leak-proof and cannot be easily destroyed by the animal inside it. Cardboard cat boxes are NOT suitable for air transport.

Air Moldova limits the number of pets per flight to:
1 pet in "business class".

2 pets in "economy class".

If no passengers in "business class", is allowed 3 pets in "economy class"

Not more than one pet per passenger

Note: Service animal is a guide dog that accompanies a passenger with reduced mobility is accepted free of charge, under the following conditions:
Its weight and size is not restricted
The passenger must hold a certificate that proves the status "service animal"
It is not allowed to move around in the cabin
Must not occupy a seat
Do not place in kennel

It is recommend to contact Chisinau Airport veterinary service before travel:
+ 373 22 52-54-89

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