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10 Jan 2018

About Insel Air

Insel Air flies out of Curacao, serving its neighbouring islands in the Caribbean.

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Insel Air Pet Policy 2018

Transportation of animals

To find out which animals are allowed and/or prohibited, which documents are required and which rules apply to transporting your pet, we recommend consulting the embassies of the country of departure and the country of destination.

Notification of animal transport must be made and accept by Inselair at the time of reservation and final acceptance of the animal is the sole discretion of the check-in personnel and ultimately the Captain of the aircraft whose judgment is final.

Inselair shall not be liable for any expenses arising from an animal that is denied carriage.

Transportation of animals in belly

All animals except for special service animals are required to be kept in a kennel or similar container that provides for the animal well being and safety and security of the other passengers and ground personnel.

Allowed measurements kennels/crates

Small kennel/crate (IATA type 0): L 50,8 cm x W 30,5 cm x H 30,5 cm (only on Fokker 50 and MD aircraft)

Medium kennel/crate (IATA type 200): L 71,1 cm x W 52,1 cm x H 54,6 cm (only on Fokker 50 and MD aircraft)

Intermediate kennel/crate (IATA type 300): L 71,7 cm x W 53,3 cm x H 55,9 cm (only on Fokker 50 and MD aircraft)

Large kennel/crate (IATA type 400): L 91,4 cm x W 63,5 cm x H 68,6 cm (only on Fokker 50 and MD aircraft)

Extra large kennel/crate (IATA type 500): L 101,6 cm x W 71,1 cm x H 76,2 cm (only on MD aircraft)

Transportation of animals in cabin

If the animal is supposed to be transported in the cabin of the aircraft the kennel must be fit completely underneath the seat in front of the passenger's assigned seats to be satisfaction to the cabin crew whose judgment is final.

Special Service Animals

Special service animals are accepted as long all of the following conditions are met:

Notification of the service animal must be made to Inselair at the time of reservation or 72 hour before schedule departure.

The passenger provides, upon request a certified medical statement outlining the medical requirements for the service animal.

Entry requirements
Entry of animals, including service animals into any country is full responsibility of the passenger.

InselAir assumes no responsibility for the animals denied entry, quarantined, or euthanized due to denial of entry by government officials.

Fares for transporting pets
Additional fees may be applicable for transport of service animals. Fees must be paid before date of departure.

Pet in cabin, per leg, to/from Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao & St Maarten (max 6 kg, 50x30x20cm) ANG 40

Pet in cabin, per leg, to/from other InselAir destinations (max 6 kg, 50x30x20cm) - USD 40

Pet in belly, per leg, to/from Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao & St Maarten (max 45kg, incl. kennel) - ANG 75

Pet in belly, per leg, to/from other InselAir destinations (max 45kg, incl. kennel) - USD 100

Does InselAir allow pets?

InselAir does allow a limited number of small pets in kennels on-board MD-80 aircraft with the restriction that the kennel must fit completely under the seat in front of you. The pets must remain in the kennel from boarding to deplaning and the kennel will be considered your carry-on baggage and is subject to the same restrictions. The decision to allow a kennel in the cabin is completely at the discretion of the check-in personnel and, ultimately, the captain of the aircraft. All kennels not meeting these requirements must be checked and will count as part of your checked baggage allowance.
Pets are not allowed in the cabin of EMB 110 aircraft and must be checked. These restrictions do not apply to service animals. All passengers traveling with animals should check with the embassy of their destination country and the customs service of their home country regarding admission/re-admission requirements for animals.

What are the requirements for service animals?
Passengers with service animals must inform InselAir at the time of reservation about the type of service animal that will be traveling and any arrangements that need to be made. Passengers should also have available a certified statement from a medical provider about the need of a service animal, should it be requested. As with pets, please check the admission requirements for both your destination and your return home regarding animals.

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