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About URAL Airlines

Ural Airlines is a smaller Russian airline with both domestic and international flights.

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URAL Airlines Pet Policy 2018

The live animals and birds are accepted for international carriage on the Airline's flights upon the Airline's confirmed consent and permission of the country of arrival or transit.

While booking a carriage a passenger shall advise the type, the quantity and the weight of the live animal or the birds to be carried over.

The Airline shall not be responsible for a lack of and/or improper execution of the documents required for the carriage, as well as for refusal of their entry or carriage through the country or territory. The live animal and birds are accepted for carriage provided either the passenger or the shipper is fully responsible thereof.

While carrying animals and birds in the passenger cabin or baggage holds, the weight of animals/birds including the weight of the container (cage) is not included in the free baggage allowance and shall be charged for as excess baggage.
The animals to be transported as cargo shall be paid for under cargo rates.
Transportation of domestic (hand-feed) animals and birds on board aircraft requires:

On domestic flights
Veterinary Certificate form No 1, issued by the Municipal Veterinary Service

On international flights
International Veterinary Certificate issued on the base of the Veterinary Certificate form No1 and registered by the veterinary service of external border control
Breeding Value Certificate of the animal to be exported

The documents required by the Veterinary Authorities of the country of arrival or transit
For more detailed information to be obtained on the requirements to the carriage of an animal it is required to apply to the consulate of the country of arrival, exit or transit.

The Veterinary Control Service of Koltsovo Airport, Ekaterinburg is located at the International Terminal Building, office 84-85, tel. (343) 226 88 96, 24 hours a day.

Carriage of domestic animals and birds in passenger cabin
Domestic (hand-feed) animals, such as cats, dogs, other small animals (except for rodents) and birds are allowed for carriage in the aircraft cabin only if accompanied by a legally capable and if carried in containers or cages not exceeding the hand baggage dimensions of 45*35*25 centimeters, suitable for carrying in the passenger's hands.

The container (cage) may be made of rigid plastic, fiberglass, metal, rigid plastic, welded mesh or wood;

While carrying birds the cages shall be covered by light-tight material.
The total weight of the cage with the animal shall not exceed 8 kg.
The wicker containers may be used for the carriage of cats and dogs whose weight does not exceed 3 kg.

Guide-dogs escorting the passengers whose sense of hearing and/or sense of sight is impaired are carried on board aircraft without any container under the following conditions:

Availability of the guide-dog training certificate, a muzzle and taking the dog on a lead.

The dog is placed under the seat at the passenger's feet. Feeding of guide-dogs during check-in and the flight is NOT ALLOWED.

Maximum two dogs are allowed for carriage in the aircraft passenger cabin.
Antagonistic animals (e. g. a cat and a dog) are NOT ALLOWED to be transported in the same passenger cabin.
The Airline has the right to deny a carriage to a passenger with an animal, if the animal carriage is not booked and confirmed by the Airline, if it is necessary to assure the flight safety or prevent damage to property of the Airline or passengers.

Carriage of domestic animals in aircraft baggage holds
Carriage of domestic animals and birds in aircraft baggage holds is allowed in containers (cages) of a passenger.

The container (cage) sizes shall not exceed the dimensions 50х50х100 cm.
The animal weight including the container (case) weight shall not exceed 32 kg. Maximum weight of a container shall not exceed 50 kilograms.

Any livestock, wild animals, experimental animals, reptiles, rodents, bees and fishing materials are NOT ACCEPTED for carriage as baggage.
A container (a cage) shall:

Be sufficiently large for the animal to stand upright, lie and turn around;
Have a strong frame and joints being teeth-, claw-proof and escape-proof;
Be aired from three sides. The main ventilation must be in the upper part of the container (cage);

The vents shall have the dimensions not allowing the animal to pass a neb or legs through, not have sharp edges or projections that could injure the animal;
Be clean, with water-proof bottom and enough water-absorbing material (absorbent bedding).

Be equipped with a banking board preventing any spillage of absorbing material. Using of sraw is NOT ALLOWED.

Have handles to provide carrying of the container (the cage).

Carriage of live animals in welded-wire crates is NOT ALLOWED.

Two hours prior to the flight's departure, the passenger shall give the animal food and water and examine the animal.

Carriage of live animals as cargo
Carriage of live animals and birds as a cargo on board aircraft shall be performed in accordance with IATA «Live Animal Regulations», upon the Airline's consent and upon permission of the country of arrival or transit in case of international flights.

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