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05 Jan 2018

About Sunwing

Sunwing Airlines flies scheduled and chartered services to Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Central America and South America, and domestic services during the summer season.

As a vacation airline, it offers 1 piece of free checked baggage on most flights, with the main exception being flights between Canada and the US. Special rules apply for Cruise passengers.

Similar to Air Transat, Sunwing is one of the more generous airlines in terms of sporting equipment, allowing a 20kg complimentary allowance for select sporting equipment above the regular checked-baggage allowance.

Looking for Sunwing Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Sunwing Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Sunwing Pet Policy 2018

Sunwing does not accept any pets/animals for carriage other than service animals

Traveling with Service Animals
Dogs trained to assist persons with disabilities.

Sunwing accepts for transportation, without charge, a properly harnessed and certified dog trained as a Service animal. It must be licensed and trained by a professional service animal institution to assist and accompany a passenger with a disability who is dependent upon such a dog. The service animal will be permitted to accompany such passenger into the cabin, but will not be permitted to occupy a seat. The service animal will be required to travel at the handler's feet and will be provided with enough floor space to lie down. Sunwing will require 1 week notice in order to provide seats with suitable floor space.

For the comfort of all passengers, the carrier staff will determine, in consultation with the person with a disability, where the person and service animal will be seated. Service animals will not be carried unless proper permits are obtained for entry into the countries of transit/final destination.

A copy of the training certificate along with updated records of vaccinations and licensing must be given to the agent at check-in at the start of the trip.

We recommend that the passenger also take a copy of the training certificate, vaccinations and licensing with them to satisfy the Authorities in the destinations as required.

Please contact Sunwing Special Services at the following email address: so that we can accommodate your needs.

Note: Sunwing does not accept any pets/animals for carriage other than service animals as mentioned above.

Baggage and Irregular Items Limitations and Charges - Amsterdam to Toronto flights ONLY
Pet in cargo hold:
Free within max baggage allowance (passenger to arrange own kennel)
On top of baggage allowance is charged EUR 12 per kg.
Note: rates per one-way in Euro's

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