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08 Jan 2018

About Megabus Canada

Megabus is a low cost bus service driving between Toronto and Montreal. It is a good cheaper option than flying if you are not in a rush. When taking into account the time spent at the airport, it is not a significantly longer journey than flying. Megabus allows 1 free piece of luggage.

Looking for Megabus Canada Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Megabus Canada Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Megabus Canada Pet Policy 2018 is unable to carry dogs or other animals, with the exception of trained service animals that allow disabled customers to perform necessary activities. Service animals must be properly harnessed and under the direct control of the customer at all times.

Useful Links

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Megabus Canada Sporting Equipment Policies

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