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11 Jan 2018

About Air Panama

Air Panama is the second largest airline in Panama, flying domestically and to select international destinations.

Looking for Air Panama Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Air Panama Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Air Panama Pet Policy 2018

Traveling with Pets in Domestic Flights
All animals must travel in a cage or container suitable to their size, which is escape-proof and spill. Which is resistant. That can be handled safely by the staff.

When its the time for travel the animal will be accepted only if the person is being transported, this all required documents as proof of immunizations and a certificate of good health.

No animal will be accepted for traveling with the passenger unless a rescue or guide dog accompanying its owner, carrying its belt or harness.

Cost to transport animals inside the plane will be charged for the transportation of animals at a rate of USD 2.50 per small cages and USD 5.00 per big cages.
As long as this within the same weight of the passenger baggage allowance. The difference paid on the weight.

Traveling with a pet in International Flights
The transport of pets on international flights is not allowed.

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Air Panama Sporting Equipment Policies

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