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About Air Pullmantur

Air Pullmantur is a Spanish airline flying between Spain and the Caribbean.

Looking for Air Pullmantur Checked Baggage Policies?

View the 2018 Air Pullmantur Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Air Pullmantur Pet Policy 2018

With Air Pullmantur can always travel with your pet. It should ask your sales agent (or agency telephone) or in the "Comments" of your online reservation.

For transportation must provide their own 'box'. Under Billing will proceed to your pet and heavy 'box' of transport. Air Pullmantur will be required to comply at all times the current regulations regarding the transportation of animals.

In related flights Cruises refuse boarding of any animal, be forbidden to board the ship. It is only allowed a maximum of one pet per passenger per flight.

The animals must travel documented by pet passport or veterinary certificate, identified by microchip or tattoo and vaccinated (in certain countries, antibody titration).

You can extend this information here. It is desirable that when you book or buy the ticket, either the airline or travel agency, its intent to bring a pet on board and to report the specific conditions for transport.

Pets in cabin (only allowed up to 8 kg)
Duly equipped can sometimes travel with their owners in the passenger cabin, provided the customer worry about their care and transport during flight without causing inconvenience to passengers neighbors. It is desirable that the animal has received a bath prior to travel as they may be rejected if their presence is annoying for other passengers. Not be allowed to choose the seats for the emergency line to be deposited due to the increased gap therein.The rate will be fixed by type of flight: 50 EUR European destinations outside Europe and EUR 100 per trip.

Pets in the hold:
Part of your free baggage allowance, generating additional charge per kg in case of exceeding such relief, with the same rate as excess baggage.

Your permission is always granted subject to space and weight available after boarding the excess baggage of other passengers and acceptance is also limited liability by the company.

The baskets or cages for transportation must be provided by the passenger taking into account also of sufficient strength and endurance, meets the technical specifications required by IATA and will not be accepted whereas those considered too small for the animal transported.

The appropriate size of the cage or container carrier must allow the animal to stand up without its ears touching the roof of it, can turn around and lie down comfortably. You must have a proper door closure, ensuring that it can not be opened at any time of the trip.

The mesh of the cage should not be too open so your pet can make head nor his nose to avoid endangering persons responsible for transporting the cage during boarding and disembarkation.

It should also be expected to have a tight floor to prevent water spill with absorbent material and verify that you have good ventilation on all four sides. It is important that ventilation of the cage is secured to prevent the pet suffers an imbalance thermal or heat stroke from lack of oxygen.

Finally do not forget to place identification tags mandatory, indicating the correct placement of the cage with the corresponding arrows up and carrying "live animals" as well as details about the owner or responsible party, address and telephone number of the accommodation destination.

Guide dogs
The mission-trained dog guide dog accompanying a blind passenger will travel in the passenger cabin if you need guidance to navigate and it is possible not to do so unless national regulations.

In this case will go next to the passenger in place that is assigned by the crew as they do not take place without going to hinder located to other passengers.

Apart from Air Pullmantur inform your travel agent or do not need any procedure in this case, simply that the animal is appropriately equipped with a muzzle, collar and leash.

For transport, both cabin and hold, you should not pay any amount and have no restrictions on weight or size.

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