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About Vladivostok Air

Vladivostokavia (also known as Vladivostok Air) is a Russian airline flying to Africa, Asia, and Europe. It also flies to several domestic destinations within Russia.

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View the 2018 Vladivostok Air Baggage Policies page for information about carry-on, checked, and excess baggage fees.

Vladivostok Air Pet Policy 2018

Domestic animals (birds) shall be carried in the cabin only under the preliminary coordination with the Carrier.
Animals, birds (exceptions domestic animals and birds), insects, fish stocks reptiles, rodents, laboratory and sick animals will not be accepted for transportation by aircraft. The passenger who wishes to transport domestic animal (bird), is obliged to inform about it at the moment of booking a place or air ticket purchase.

The animal (birds) which weight together with the container (cage) does not exceed 5 kg., can be transported in aircraft salon:
From 5 kg. to 32 kg., as luggage in the cargo hold of the plane,
Over 32 kg. as cargo with registration of air freight bill.

It is not allowed to feed animals before and during the flight.
For transporting animals, the passenger is obliged to give the necessary documents provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the international contracts and the country legislation, on territory, from territory or through which territory transportation is carried out.

The passenger is account for observance of import/export rules of domestic animals (birds), and also incurs all expenses for infringement of quarantine and veterinary rules, and also for placing an animal (bird) in quarantine.

For carriage by air transport, the animal (bird) shall be placed in the respective container (cage or basket) of sufficient size with air access and supplied with a lock. The bottom of the container (cage or basket) shall be watertight and covered with absorbing material, with a side running along the bottom perimeter ruling out absorbing material escape. Bird cages should be covered with thick light-tight fabric.

The weight of an animal (bird) and its container (cage) is not included in your free baggage allowance and will be paid by passenger, according to the tariff established by the carrier
It is authorised to carry only 2 animals/birds in a cabine, but no more than 4 in the flight.

It is not acceptable to transport two antagonistic animals, as for example a cat and a dog and a cat and a bird.

It is allowed to transport in passenger cabin:
Seeing Eye dogs accompanying passengers with depraved eyesight shall be carried in the aircraft cabin free of charge in excess of the fixed free baggage allowance, under condition of presence of the certificate on special training. The Seeing Eye dog should have a collar and a muzzle and to be adhered to an armchair at feet of the passenger which it accompanies.

The pets which total weight together with the cage/container shall not exceed 5 kg. The sum of 3 dimensions of the cage shall not exceed 115 cm.

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